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Are you prepared to manage the explosion of wireless devices and mobile applications in your enterprise? With our NX 9600 Integrated Services Platform for the NOC or private cloud, you will be. This single appliance provides one management interface through which your entire distributed network can be controlled — including the NX Integrated Services Platform portfolio for the branch offce, access points, guest access services, telephony services, mobile applications and the mobile devices in the hands of your workforce.

The NX 9600 Series feature set includes centralized management of initial and ongoing confgurations, security policies, remote troubleshooting, hotspot management and DHCP, Radius AAA and FTP services. And the large capacity hard drive accommodates the years of data required for the comprehensive analytics you need to streamline support from a Level 1 helpdesk to CxO level metrics management and reports.

WiNG 5 for superior WLAN performance, scalability, reliability and quality of service
Zebra’s WiNG 5 architecture distributes intelligence to every point in your network — including the NX Integrated Services Platform portfolio and their connected access points. Now, the platforms as well as access points are all capable of determining the best route for traffc, maintaining Quality of Service (QoS) and security policies. The result? Bottlenecks in traditional hub-and-spoke networks are eliminated. The NX 9600 supports 1:1 failover for high availability, with no additional licensing fees for the redundant system.

Hierarchical management of your entire distributed network
The NX 9600 hierarchical management system simplifes control and network management by presenting a single graphical user interface for the entire network. The NX 9600 can adopt NX and RFS Series controllers, all of their adopted and standalone WiNG 5 access points. A macro and micro view of your network allows you to simultaneously view all your branches or drill down into the infrastructure in any particular branch.

Centralized management of all your mobile devices
With the proliferation of Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices and corporate Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, enterprises must determine how to manage and secure different devices with different operating systems. By integrating Mobile Device Management software, you get the powerful multivendor support you need to manage a mixed device environment — including Motorola mobile computers as well as Android- or iOS-based devices.
Now, your IT team can automatically stage mobile devices, update the software resident on deployed devices and easily troubleshoot and resolve device problems — all from your network operations center (NOC).

Easily deploy and manage mobile applications
A virtualized framework allows you to host, deploy and manage mobility applications directly from your NOC, right on the NX 9600. Mobile applications can be deployed faster and less expensively than ever before — including voice and video. You no longer have to purchase additional hardware to support new applications. In addition, you can also manage applications that are remotely deployed at your branch offces on the NX 6500 Integrated Services Platform.

End-to-end support
As a leader in enterprise mobility, Zebra brings experience gained from working all over the globe with some of the world’s leading companies. We leverage this expertise to offer solutions to our branch offce customers that meet the peak performance needs of their business. Our comprehensive portfolio of services offers assistance at every phase of network lifecycle — from planning and implementation to post-deployment everyday support.

Our services help you reduce risk, lower your capital investment and operational costs, improve service delivery and tailor your network to meet your specifc needs.

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