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The BM180 is a Red Dot Design and IF Design award winning touch mobile computer that is made to fulfill your industrial demands. It shares the mold of a consumer phone while being filled with indispensable technology to aid you in your day-to-day operation. To cater to various usage styles and to fully utilize application features, the device has gotten rid of the analog keypads for full touch controls; allowing a bigger display, glove touch and stylus pen operation.

May it be used for managing schedules, overseeing the stock exchange and handling all manner of purchases, The BM180 is ready and able to perform diverse functions with ease and efficiency. Even though the BM180 is sleek and compact, it’s also semi-rugged. With its special method of Tank-Smith™ Technology, the device is completely dust proof, resistant to water to the extent of immersion and can withstand impact damage from multiple sides. Confidently use this device in a department store, healthcare facility and in ticketing venues, knowing that all aspects from data capturing to payment options are well provided with the BM180.


– Vehicle Charger
– 1 Slot Cradle Power Adapter *Requires Country Specific Adapter Plug(80001030)
– Holster
– Standard Battery Cover
– Handstrap
– Stylus Pen
– 1 Slot Cradle *Requires Power Adapter(80001026) and Country Specific AC Power Cord(80001030)
– 4 Slot Cradle *Requires Power Adapter(80001035) and Country Specific AC PowerCord(80001041)